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This chatbot was trained on a document explaining Cerebrum Tech and Cere Insight.

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Generate AI-driven chatbots for your preferred messaging platforms andwebsites.


Key Features

No Coding Required

AI-powered chatbots tailored to your data, with zero coding skills needed

Customizable,Fun & Personal

Make your chatbot truly yours with branding, personality traits, and creative responses.

Multiple LLM Options

Offer different language models for different needs.

Advanced LLM Technology

Unlock the meaning and sentiment behind data.

Versatile Multi-File Support

Seamless handling of diverse file types, enhancing flexibility.

Smart Document Summarization

Effortlessly condense lengthy documents into key insights.

Multilingual Support

Allow users to interact with the chatbot in their preferred language.

Voice-Powered Interaction

Speak to the chatbot, listen to the responses, and take hands-free control.

API Access for Endless Possibilities

Connect and integrate with other systems for customized solutions.

Web Content Made Easy

Extract key insights from websites effortlessly.

Encrypted Chatting

Confidentiality for sensitive conversations.

On-prem Deployment

Can be deployed and run on your physical servers, even without internet access.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I share a chatbot I created with others?
Is Cere Insight free-to-use?
How many documents I can add to a chatbot?
How many chatbots I can create?
Does Cere Insight chatbots work on mobile websites?
How can we book a Cere Insight demo?
I have another question to ask. How can I contact you?

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