About Us

Cerebrum Tech is a global startup and venture studio established in 2020 that aims to become a global brand that makes a difference in digitalization.

The company has 7 different offices around the world, in Turkey, England, the Netherlands, the USA, and South Korea.

The company ecosystem contains 7 companies; Cereverse, GFDS, SmartICT, Metacognitive, Limatek, Akıllı Sınav,and Throax Hub.

As a venture studio, Cerebrum Tech aims to be a pioneer in smart and eco-friendly digital transformation and inspire young people in the field of entrepreneurship.

Following the motto ''We seek the knowledge that we are yet to discover'', Cerebrum Tech constantly searches for better ways to create solutions that can help humanity maintain a sustainable life on earth.

Cerebrum Tech focuses on three major areas; Artificial intelligence (AI), IoT (Internet of Things), and Web3 & Gaming. Overall, the company creates solutions and products in the fields of; artificial intelligence, image processing with AI, app development, metaverse, sustainability, and smart cities.